Andrea & Sebastian |  Grosse Pointe War Memorial wedding!  Andrea & Sebastian’s wedding was a couple of months ago and, somehow, I’m still riding high on it. Maybe it was Andrea’s graciousness and joy; or Sebastian’s sense of humor and the way his people regarded him as an incredibly solid human; or the beauty and nuances of The War Memorial, which was a new venue to me; most likely all of the above because when I look at these photos, I can still feel the joy, which there was no shortage of.  I keep being blessed with couples who make the world better by being together and Andrea & Sebastian are at the top of this list. <3

      Andrea & Sebastian  – thank you for choosing me to capture and document your extraordinary day – it was truly an honor!

      Grosse Pointe War Memorial Wedding Vendor Credits:

      Venue & Catering: Grosse Pointe War Memorial / Bride’s dress: Jasmine Couture  / Cake & Sweets: Holiday Market / Hair: Gratitude Salon, GPW / DJ: The Elysium Experience/