I’ve been mulling over these photos for days now because I keep telling myself “you cannot post this many!” I’ve stared at these photos forever, it seems,  after trying to edit them down for the millionth time; I even did the squint-your-eyes-and-see-what-images-pop-out-at-you thing. But that didn’t work so well because I remembered that what makes a brilliant, engaging, made-to-last image are the moments the photo captures. Sometimes they’re grandiose and totally obvious and other times they’re the tiny, in-between ones that you might miss if you blink. And these moments are all worth being seen and acknowledged. They’re all a part of peoples’ unique experiences be it on your wedding day or when you’ve just become parents or you’re trying to ignore your kids during a family session so that I can manage them. As I look through them, I’m reminded how lucky I am that people hire me to be a part of their experiences and to document them. When I’m shooting, I’m 100% IN IT and feeling all sorts of gratitude for the people this job has brought into my life and gift I get to give them, and the amazing folks I get to work with. So I said eff it and that’s why there are a bazillion images here. I hope you love them as much as I do.

      Happy 2018!