I’m Alison!

      I approach photographing from a storytelling perspective, experiencing something nearly unexplainable when I sense just the right time to click the shutter; it’s in a pause where I try to communicate how it might feel to be alive in the very second the photograph captures. Photographing the moments that are the most important to you is a true collaboration between photographer and subject: I bring experience, passion and curiosity and you bring your love, your planning, your people and a playful, open heart! Stealthily, I seek out the bold, joyful, and honest moments that tell your story, without getting in the way. My clients value photography and are invested in having awesome wedding photos!

      My philosophy: your wedding photos should reflect the joy and love you felt on your wedding day. On your day, I’ll be keeping an eye on the time so that you don’t have to think of what’s supposed to happen next. Your job is to be present, feel the joy and have a blast. I’ll help you bustle your dress, pin your boutonniere and I’ll encourage you to really be with each other and to pause every so often to marvel at the people who’ve come together to celebrate you. (It’s pretty amazing!) I believe in proper family photos just as much as candid moments – a beautiful portrait of you and Grandma is just as important as your first kiss or the flower girl rocking it on the dance floor. I’m a firm believer in saying buzz-off to wedding rules,  I encourage my couples to make a complete shot lists for family portraits and to do first looks. Also, print your photos!

      Quick tidbits: 

      • When I’m not shooting, I can be found having dance parties in the kitchen, listening obsessively to the Big Little Lies soundtrack and scheming how to keep groundhogs from eating my garden.
      • I’ve been published in a bunch of high-end wedding magazines and blogs and I love to travel.
      • I have a husband and two daughters. They’re the loves of my life.
      • You can follow along with my recent work here: FB and here: @instagram/firstcomeslovephoto


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