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Hi, I’m Alison!

I approach wedding celebrations from a storytelling perspective and want to communicate how it might feel to be alive in the very second the photograph captures so you can always go back to it. I strive to tell each unique wedding story with all the nuance of something as complex as love. My ideal clients? You’re invested in having extremely awesome wedding photos and are excited to be a part of making that happen! We’ll chase the light and play with the way it falls on you … my work is to find your unique moments that capture the true you, together, individually and with your people (and lots of true thems, as well) to create genuine, emotionally-charged photos – the ones that say much more than two faces smiling at the camera (don’t worry, parents – I do a few of those as well). The result is a classic collection of art+stories; a refined blend of sweetness, intimacy, authenticity, humor and fun…and you just have to show up, bring your love and be you.

I’m mama to two fiery little girls, wife to a badass who started medical school at 35 and, owner of Mr. Jenkins who meows so much but who lovingly puts up with being harassed by small children. I grew up in Michigan, lived in California for 15 years, and moved to Ann Arbor 5 years ago. I’ve been blessed to shoot from Switzerland to Tulum, love to travel and am available for worldwide celebrations! When I’m not shooting weddings and crawling on the floor photographing kids, I can be found having dance parties in the kitchen, listening to Pink Floyd and scheming how to keep groundhogs from eating my garden. Generally, I chase my kids around, try to be a good mom, wife and human, all while having a camera attached to my face and I have not one complaint – documenting love is a darn awesome job. <3

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